Gold Rush Jewelers


Speaker: Rick Lewis, Owner

Gold Rush Jewelers has been in business since 1979. Since about 1990, we’ve been a customer of Valpak and it’s helped us grow our business more than we can ever imagine. Gold Rush has a lot of benefits in why they like to have Valpak. We can change the offer if we want. We can add different components to it and the nice thing is they’re easy to work with. You get a copy of what your proof is going to be and you can make easy changes on the fly and get the proof back again in a couple hours. So you’re not waiting for them constantly and not wasting your time in your busy day.

We’ve actually tried other competitors from Valpak and I will tell you, Valpak works better than the competitors. We’ve tried it, we’ve marketed it and we’ll have different ones we can tell different areas, and Valpak’s product for whatever reason gets us a much better return. Customer retention is very expensive and getting a new customer is even more expensive. Valpak, for the dollar of what we spend and what we get, is a great investment and I can see at the end of the month, you know, I have hundreds of coupons redeemed and what the dollar is worth to know that I’m getting a return on my investment. So when you can track the results and see what you’re spending and what you’re getting, it makes spending those dollars so much easier.

Valpak should be the first thing someone does. It’s an easy, seamless solution, it’s affordable and the bottom line is, it works.

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