Hardware Sales Inc.

Speaker: Ty McClellan, Owner

Hardware Sales has been a client of Valpak since 1992. We were looking for a little bit different type of advertising from the traditional radio, paper, television and Valpak seemed like a good fit for us. And they’re very affordable. The one on one support that we have with their sales reps is so professional and they come up with some of the best ideas for us and really help us grow and they care.

Valpak has helped us increase our average sale. I think we went from about $18 to $45 on our average transaction with a Valpak coupon being used. We get a lot of customers that come in once a month because they wait for their Valpak. They’re just so flexible with the different things that we can do with the Valpak. We’ve seen Valpak change with technology. It used to be just mailers. Now, it’s online. The way we all do everything has changed completely.

We look at their data that they deliver us and then we have our own tracking device, as well, to see how it’s doing. We stack it up with theirs and it’s pretty close to what we find. And then it helps us for future planning in addition to what’s working and what’s not working. We just love their system. I certainly would recommend Valpak to another business. Their technology, being able to track the success, is worth its weight in gold.

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