Speaker: Gary Woo, Director of Marketing & Franchising

Oilstop has been a Valpak customer now for probably a little over 10 years. And it’s been one of those situations where we do a lot of different types of marketing advertising, a lot of print, a lot of radio, a lot of television, a lot of direct mail, and really, I think Valpak has probably been for us the main direct mail strategy that we have. Valpak has increased our business in two ways: one, it’s gotten to us people who have never been to us before and, two, it’s rewarded people who come to us with an extra discount. So it’s a situation where we’re hitting both sides of the market we want to hit and we know who is what when they come in because they keep track of it.

It’s something I can count on. The layouts are due at specific times, they’re printed extremely well, they’re in mailboxes at the right time and I can make it a part of the strategy. When you don’t know answers to those three things, it’s not something you can strategize. Every coupon that Valpak has that comes into our store, because we keep track of every coupon that’s brought in no matter where we are, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, we count every coupon. We add it to our system. I know then how many we receive, when we receive them, who we receive them from. We send out a lot of coupons, we get a lot of business from it.

People have asked me would I recommend Valpak to them, vendors and other colleagues that I have in other businesses, and absolutely. I tell them without any problem, whatsoever, that I would recommend Valpak because it works and the costs are very effective.

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