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2024 U.S. consumer entertainment survey results

Valpak collected survey data from over 1700 U.S. adults to gain insight into which forms of entertainment they’re most interested in and how much they’re willing to spend. With high inflation and economic uncertainty stubbornly weighing on minds and wallets, one thing still holds from last year’s results: For the fun-seekers to continue seeking fun, there must be a great customer experience and equally great deals and discounts! From hosting a birthday party to major attractions to festivals and sporting events, entertainment remains dominant on the “fun-factor” list as more and more people make up all that lost time.

Key findings for entertainment & event organizers:

  • 46% of respondents plan to spend between $1,000 and $4,499 on entertainment this year
  • Top motivator to try new entertainment: coupon or discount (76%)
  • Buy-one, get-one free admission again is the top requested entertainment offer (61%)
  • Food festivals (70%) beat movie theaters (68%) for the most popular entertainment venues

Motivation to try something new

The #1 motivating factor to try something new hasn’t changed much since last year: a good deal, as 76% would attest, to try a new form of entertainment based on relevant coupons or discounts. However, this year, more than positive reviews, 37% of respondents said an invitation from friends or family would encourage them to try a new type of entertainment–meaning, consumers are yearning for that human interaction as well as not minding if someone else shows a little generosity in helping with the cost (or in the way of invite). Even more interesting, 33% said they’re motivated by proximity to their work or home (also beating positive reviews), an open invitation to local businesses that existing and potential customers are looking for some reasonable, easily accessible hometown enjoyment minus the travel time (in some cases).

Receiving the right deal

“I like discounts when the establishment isn’t jacking up the regular price in order for me to get it. “

It doesn’t take a questionnaire or entertainment event feedback survey to know that prices have been nothing to celebrate lately. From the grocery to the department store, people are looking for relief in the form of good / fair offers. For entertainment, they want BOGO admissions (61% of respondents), while receiving discounts on food purchases jumped almost 10 percentage points to 60%, nearly tying last year’s BOGO incentive.

Graph of entertainment offers people would like to receive

Being a part of something

More signs that more people are leaning toward loyalty based on rewards (and of course good service) is evident in that 49% of consumers said they are members of a restaurant loyalty program, whereas 36% confirmed they are members of a church or house of worship–2 things that go hand-in-hand: a nice discount or deal for a group to entertain with family and friends after a day of reflection.

top things customers would like to receive a coupon for

Cause meets customers

Beyond loyalty and receiving the right deal, U.S. consumers care deeply about causes as 91% of respondents said yes they consider businesses that support a cause they care about. To that end, 41% put animal welfare at the top of the caring list, with military / veterans (33%) and homelessness / poverty (29%) ranking high on personal lists of importance. Businesses that align with these values donate proceeds from certain products or services offered to help organizations help more showcase the values of a particular company, often bringing a sense of humanity to their brand (something that does not go overlooked when potential customers search when trying to locate a new shop or business to purchase from or investigate into more).

Bigger is better

It looks like another big year for the places with rides, shows, and exotic things to experience. And a year to get loud and let loose to the tunes (maybe singing about your favorite coupon), as 51% of respondents said they want to go to the concert / musical performance in the coming months. Not far behind, 49% need a hotel to rest before the next day’s fun, which may include seeing some majestic creatures at the zoo (38%).

The festival circuit beckons

Is it good food or good music that hits the soul better? How about both? Great gatherings are on the agenda this year, with festivals looking to be a hot ticket for consumers who want to feel that magic one finds in a great scene or crowd. Yes, people are ready to experience more good vibes and memorable moments that last—70% said they want to attend a food festival, 51% want to experience those unique attractions at fairs and carnivals, and 43% are looking for music to enjoy.

Party on the inside

Yeah, it’s cool to have fun outside or under the stars, but sometimes that indoor, more intimate vibe is the cure for fun deprivation. A visit to the museum or science center – that educational experience – was the most popular choice for respondents last year but landed second this time around (53%). Movies, that magical experience that is only getting more amazing as technology enhances the experience, at 68%, took the top spot on people’s list of things they would like to do and do more of with a coupon / offer!

bowling separator

League of extraordinary experiences

It was an NFL / Super Bowl season to remember, and why it’s no surprise that pro football (36%) took the top spot of the leagues our respondents said they would like to receive coupon / offers for, with Major League Baseball (MLB) coming in a close second at (33%), followed by ice hockey (18%)–from concessions to ticket deals, the opportunities are nearly endless for entertainment companies to cash in on sporting events this year!

Top 10 leagues people want coupons / offers

Watch this!

Whether folks attend or watch from the comfort of their own home, favorite bar or restaurant, the Super Bowl, as it often does, takes the top spot of interest with 57%! However, it’s nice to see enthusiasm for some variety–the Olympics (45%) came in a close second–maybe the addition of flag football or possibly the X Games activities now a part of the games–either way, there is no shortage of Americans eager to kick back and root for their chosen heroes.

Top 10 sporting events people usually watch

Am I streaming?

We know what U.S. adults want to watch, but where exactly do they prefer watching their favorite shows, movies and events? Probably the most known to modern screen lovers, Netflix takes the top spot with 42%. However, not far behind, and little surprise with 2.8 million new sign-ups leading to the Super Bowl, Paramount + takes the second spot with 36%.

Top 10 streaming services people would like to receive coupon / offer for

top 10 streaming services to receive offer from

Hello, college sports fans!

player catching a football on the field

When it comes to college spectator sports, the gridiron is always a top favorite, with 32% of respondents wanting to attend a football game, and not far behind is the madness that culminates in March, with 21% looking forward to putting it on the line for the chance to bring home the W and maybe a little cash.

The great outdoors!

“It would be nice if I found something to do at a reasonable cost to help me get out of the house.”

Adventure, games, and challenges are all part of outdoor activities—45% of survey respondents would like to play mini golf in the coming months, which also happens to be one of the best places to bring a first date! In addition, 20% of respondents would like to escape and gladly put up a sign that they went fishing, and 19% really want to kick things up a notch with some zip lining.

Top outdoor activities people want coupons for

Healthy learning / discipline

Attending classes is a great way to be social while focusing on improving the health of the mind and body. 25% of respondents want to do this at a yoga or Pilates class, while 21% seek to flex their creative muscles in art and 21% with dance.

classes people want coupons for

Tis the season for fun

Ah, the seasonal fun is always worth waiting for each year. Nothing brings delight and joy to the Christmas time of year like holiday lights, evident with 63% of respondents looking forward to an illuminating show or drive-thru experience. Cities also get into the collective spirit by hosting festivals and events that 55% of respondents would like to attend. But Halloween, for some reason, sits on the list of many revelers (26%) even as those haunted houses are getting scarier each year.

Top holiday events people want a coupon for

Adults only; no kids allowed

Sometimes adults want to have fun and leave the kids at home. 55% of our respondents would to spark some romance with a dinner cruise or take a chance with lady luck at the casino (31%), while 36% would throw back a few (sans kids) at a beer or wine tasting. Cheers!

list of top adult-centric activities people want coupons for

So much entertainment, so little time

Entertain this when reviewing our survey responses / market research: Valpak households spend 17% more on entertainment. From birthday parties to bowling alleys to sporting events to festivals, entertainment industry businesses that advertise with Valpak direct mail marketing see an increase in package and ticket sales and event rentals. Reach your target demographics and promote your entertainment services to consumers with a higher average household income in The Blue Envelope.

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