Locally Targeted Advertising in Wadsworth

Do you want a better ROI for your advertising dollar? Target the people who count with Valpak of Northeast Ohio. Our local team can help you reach as many as 60,000 households with direct mail marketing from our popular Blue Envelope of coupons. We put your message directly into the hands of qualified leads.

Stand Out in Neighborhoods like Brunswick with Local Targeting

With the help of NTAs (Neighborhood Trade Areas) Valpak ensures that you will be reaching the ideal customers by finding the best neighborhoods that will ensure a return on your investment. NTAs are a way of organizing neighborhoods into manageable sections, by mailing areas of 10,000 households. Valpak uses this to ensure that your mailer is reaching the right families that will lead to results.

Coupon Mailers that Bring Results

Let us help you design your standard or cardstock insert, circular, coupon booklet, solo direct mail offer or on Envelope Cover ad. Valpak advertising is successful for almost all kinds of small businesses:

  • Automotive
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Home and Office
  • Health and Medical
  • Professional Services
  • Entertainment and Travel

Advertise Your Small Business with a Google AdWords SMB Partner

Valpak of Northeast Ohio is a full-service marketing agency that is ready to help you find the right message and design for your budget. We can also create a business web presence that’s linked to valpak.com. As a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, Valpak is uniquely qualified to help you get found online by the top search engines. We can also create pay-per-click advertising and social media marketing campaigns.

When you own a growing business, every advertising dollar counts. We offer advanced proof of performance through call tracking and our digitally-integrated Performance Tracking Tool. Track the quantity and quality of consumer engagement to get important demographic reporting on the responses to your advertising.

Proven Ideas that Lead to Results with Valpak

Start marketing strategically to the households most valuable to you in Medina, Brunswick, Akron, Wadsworth, Hinckley, Seville and other Northeast Ohio cities.


Valpak of Northeast Ohio is an independently owned Valpak franchise

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