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Local Advertising in Atlanta, GA

 billboard advertising lacks targeting
There are a lot of choices when it comes to advertising in Atlanta. Billboards on Peachtree Street or classified ads in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution may seem like good ideas, but these mass-marketing tools don’t always produce the best ROI. A targeted direct mail campaign, on the other hand, can produce up to a 30% response rate.

Valpak of Atlanta takes your local advertising to the next level. Our Blue Envelope reaches Atlanta households with 46% more income than the local average.1 An impressive 92% open rate2 and wide range of advertising solutions set us apart from those other direct mailers. Your local team of Atlanta advertising experts can help you choose the best format for your business:

  • Coupons: Single-panel inserts in our famous Blue Envelope
  • Circulars: Perfect for printing menus and flyers
  • Cardstock: Customizable options that drive consumer action
  • Solo Direct Mail: Specialty print formats to use between mailings

Full-Service Atlanta Advertising Agency

Traditional ad agencies act as middlemen between their clients and the media, driving up costs and leaving room for error. When you choose Valpak of Atlanta for your marketing needs, you’re choosing a full-service advertising agency that provides direct-to-you solutions, saving you time and money.
 targeted direct mail coupons for atlanta homes

Valpak of Atlanta is the cost-effective, one-stop shop for your business advertising. From print and digital ads to real-time tracking and analytics, we’ll manage all of your marketing under one roof. We offer:

Valpak of Atlanta has helped thousands of businesses across all types of industries drive sales and increase awareness. From restaurants to auto shops to fitness centers to medical practices, we have the industry knowledge and know-how to help your business succeed.

Digital Advertising Solutions

 local advertising in atlanta
We’re not just experts in direct mail. Valpak of Atlanta offers expertise in digital advertising too. Our digital advertising solutions are a great addition to any direct mail campaign, increasing the reach of your offer and driving more awareness for your business. We offer a full suite of digital advertising solutions:

Contact your local advertising expert today to find out which products are right for your business.

TV Advertising in Atlanta – Does it Work?

When you sit down to watch your favorite shows on Fox 5 or CBS46, do you pay attention to the commercials? Are your shows recorded on a DVR, so you can fast-forward through those long breaks? Or, have you cut the cord on cable all together, watching your favorite shows on Hulu or Netflix instead?
 digital marketing and omnichannel advertising overtakes tv commercials

The way consumers watch TV is changing and many companies are finding television advertising in Atlanta isn’t as effective as it once was. Here are 5 of the top reasons why:

  1. Streaming Services: More than half (55%) of U.S. consumers now subscribe to paid streaming video services
  2. DVRs: 53% of households in the U.S. have a DVR, enabling them to fast-forward through commercial breaks
  3. Multitasking Generations: 99% of Gen Zers and millennials say they’re multitasking when watching TV – doing, on average, four additional tasks
  4. Cost: Creating a quality ad can set you back thousands of dollars in production costs alone, on top of the money you’ll spend to air your ad
  5. Targeting: TV advertising in Atlanta doesn’t give you the enhanced targeting capabilities of other marketing channels

If you’re operating on a smaller marketing budget, your money is best spent elsewhere. That’s where direct mail advertising comes in. Similar to digital advertising, direct mail empowers you to target your audience by demographics and purchase behaviors. This type of detailed targeting isn’t possible with television advertising.

For decades, Valpak has been the leader in local advertising solutions in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Our advertising experts work with you to design and distribute your advertisement, offering a cost-effective approach to local advertising in Atlanta, Georgia. Delivered to nearly 40 million homes across the U.S. and Canada, Valpak is the nationally recognized name in local savings and value.

1. Compared to the average Atlanta consumer. Claritas data with current year projections, January 2019.

2. Among households that receive Valpak. 2018 Valpak® Readership Study, Research Now®, December 2018.




From direct mail coupons to solo direct mail, ad space that fits your business at prices that fit your budget.



Robust digital marketing solutions, including website development and SEM, from a Google Premier Partner.

ROI Marketing

ROI Marketing

Performance tracking of your direct mail and digital advertising campaigns to prove return on investment.

valpak testimonial

“One of the problems that we’ve had with other types of direct mail is that they don’t work. We spend a lot of money in producing these direct mail pieces, and postage, and so on, and we get very poor response. We certainly do far better with Valpak and this has always been a reliable way of getting new patients.”


Mailing Areas

Reach up to 650,000 targeted households monthly, from Alpharetta to Peach Tree City, with Valpak of Atlanta. Shaded areas on the map below represent a Valpak mailing area of 10,000 homes. A minimum buy of 3 mailing areas is recommended for best results. For specific dates and coverage, contact your Atlanta advertising specialist.

Mailing Schedule

May. Schedule2019 Mail DatesMay. 17 2019Estimated In-Home DateMay. 20 2019Copy DeadlineMay. 1 2019Households Reached680,000
Jun. Schedule2019 Mail DatesJun. 14 2019Estimated In-Home DateJun. 17 2019Copy DeadlineMay. 29 2019Households Reached680,000
Jul. Schedule2019 Mail DatesJul. 19 2019Estimated In-Home DateJul. 22 2019Copy DeadlineJul. 3 2019Households Reached680,000
Aug. Schedule2019 Mail DatesAug. 16 2019Estimated In-Home DateAug. 19 2019Copy DeadlineJul. 31 2019Households Reached680,000
Sep. Schedule2019 Mail DatesSep. 13 2019Estimated In-Home DateSep. 16 2019Copy DeadlineAug. 28 2019Households Reached680,000
Oct. Schedule2019 Mail DatesOct. 18 2019Estimated In-Home DateOct. 21 2019Copy DeadlineOct. 2 2019Households Reached680,000
Nov. Schedule2019 Mail DatesNov. 15 2019Estimated In-Home DateNov. 18 2019Copy DeadlineOct. 30 2019Households Reached680,000
Dec. Schedule2019 Mail DatesDec. 12 2019Estimated In-Home DateDec. 14 2019Copy DeadlineNov. 26 2019Households Reached680,000

Valpak Advertising Results

When Harry Cross, owner of Morganville Flower Farm, began advertising with Valpak in 1992, he was looking for a way to get the word out about his new business. Since then, Valpak has continued to help Morganville Flower Farm attract new customers and keep repeat customers coming through its door every season. Harry particularly likes Valpak’s performance tracking system and how easily he can determine an offer’s effectiveness and fine-tune his offers. Harry would recommend Valpak to any business looking for local advertising with real results.