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Small Business Marketing in Baltimore

baltimore direct mailGreater Baltimore has long been considered one of the best places in the U.S. to start a small business, with over 65,000 companies calling the region “home.” Whether you own a beauty salon in Hampstead or run a fitness center in Mt. Airy, you need a full-service advertising agency that tailors marketing campaigns to your specific business. That agency is Valpak of Central Maryland.

Serving Central Maryland Small Businesses for 40+ Years

Using extensive research and data to deliver high ROIs to clients, Valpak has served businesses in Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Frederick, Laurel, Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Towson and surrounding communities since 1976. Charm City continues to be one of the nation’s leaders in health care, education and technology while Fortune 500 companies have set up shop in the suburbs. However, it’s the small to midsize businesses that keep Baltimore stable and growing.

From mom and pop restaurants and family-owned auto repair shops to county government services and large big-box retailers, Valpak of Central Maryland provides direct mail and digital marketing solutions to a diverse range of industries. While we mail to top households in central Maryland every month, Valpak reaches more than 1 million homes statewide, including Anne Arundel, Charles, Calvert, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Saint Mary’s and Queen Anne’s counties.

Direct Mail Products

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As a result of constant design testing and improvements, Valpak is recognized as the national leader in direct mail advertising. Our high-quality direct mail products are printed at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, the Valpak Manufacturing Center (VMC), which utilizes the latest advancements in automated systems to produce an impressive output of more than 16 billion ads every year.

  • Direct mail coupons – Valpak’s most popular – and affordable – product since 1968. These miniature billboards are delivered to targeted households in Valpak’s famous Blue Envelope and helped us establish our reputation in the direct mail space.
  • Flyers/circulars – Some businesses, like restaurants and car dealers, need more advertising real estate and that’s where our direct mail flyers come in. A larger-print format of our signature coupon, flyers and circulars are the ideal solution for promoting menus, special sales and seasonal events.
  • Specialty formats – A recent Harris Poll found 58% of consumers aren’t interested in joining a program that requires them to download and use a digital app. Our premium direct mail cardstock provides an excellent alternative. Distinctive bar codes can be printed on each cardstock piece to track responses and confirm one-time usage.
  • Valpak neighborhood-targeted postcard – An affordable postcard that mails with, but not inside the Valpak envelope, enabling you to utilize a turnkey postcard solution without the high price tag. Inventory is extremely limited.
  • Customizable postcards – A completely customizable alternative for businesses looking to elevate their 1-to-1 marketing efforts. Valpak solo direct mail postcards arrive in hyper-targeted mailboxes based on selected demographics, including household size and income.

Finding the Right Digital Marketing Agency in Central Maryland

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While Valpak has been an innovator in direct mail advertising for more than 50 years, our digital suite of products also generates increased ROIs for clients. We develop and maintain successful online ad campaigns and attain a high return on ad spend.

  • Web design – Valpak’s web development team will optimize your current business website, so it is user and mobile friendly or build a new website from the ground up. Visitors will be able to navigate your webpages easily and with short load times, regardless of the device they’re using (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone).
  • Display advertising – Elevates a brand’s reputation and increases brand awareness with digital billboards and banners placed on popular websites, social media platforms and apps. Valpak display ads target mobile devices based on location, interest and intent.
  • Social media advertising – A must for businesses looking for an affordable and easy way for building brand awareness and engaging consumers online. Valpak can help increase your business’s visibility and build your followers with ad programs that come in two forms: Reach & Offers and Reach & Leads.
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) – Also called pay-per-click (PPC), SEM will quickly move your business site closer to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) through paid, targeted ads. Valpak can manage your SEM, from setup and keyword bidding to optimization and analytics.

Marketing That Produces Results

In addition to our in-house design team, printing facility and audience targeting capabilities, partnering with Valpak of Central Maryland gives you another advantage over your competitors: access to performance tracking. You know exactly how each campaign is performing via the dashboard, which tracks:

  • Print distribution
  • Landing page visits
  • Incoming phone calls

Your Valpak marketing rep will work with you to make campaign adjustments based on the results to help you achieve your desired ROI.

Reach Your Target Audience

Blue Envelope


Our signature product – the best value in marketing – the perfect way to try direct mail advertising.

Postcard Advertising


From targeted postcards to 1-to-1 custom designs, everything you need to create a mailbox moment.

Digital Marketing


Robust digital marketing solutions, including web design, SEM and social media advertising.

valpak testimonial

“We can target these very specific ZIP codes and areas that we miss with other traditional advertising. We can key right in on our customers and prove that where we’ve reached out through the Valpak has actually turned into sales and dollars back into the business. I would recommend Valpak to other businesses and I do on a regular basis because it works. ”


Mailing Areas

Contact your Valpak of Central Maryland advertising agency today for a free marketing consultation. We’ll walk you through how you can reach as many as 500,000 qualified households in Central Maryland communities for as little as pennies per household.

Mailing Schedule

Oct. Schedule2023 Mail DatesOct. 16 2023Estimated In-Home DateOct. 19 2023Copy DeadlineSep. 29 2023Households Reached510,000
Nov. Schedule2023 Mail DatesNov. 6 2023Estimated In-Home DateNov. 9 2023Copy DeadlineOct. 20 2023Households Reached510,000
Dec. Schedule2023 Mail DatesDec. 1 2023Estimated In-Home DateDec. 4 2023Copy DeadlineNov. 14 2023Households Reached510,000
Jan. Schedule2023 Mail DatesJan. 6 2024Estimated In-Home DateJan. 9 2024Copy DeadlineDec. 21 2023Households Reached510,000
Feb. Schedule2023 Mail DatesFeb. 3 2024Estimated In-Home DateFeb. 6 2024Copy DeadlineJan. 19 2024Households Reached510,000
Mar. Schedule2023 Mail DatesMar. 2 2024Estimated In-Home DateMar. 5 2024Copy DeadlineFeb. 16 2024Households Reached520,000
Mar. Schedule2023 Mail DatesMar. 29 2024Estimated In-Home DateApr. 1 2024Copy DeadlineMar. 14 2024Households Reached520,000
Apr. Schedule2023 Mail DatesApr. 20 2024Estimated In-Home DateApr. 23 2024Copy DeadlineApr. 5 2024Households Reached520,000
May. Schedule2023 Mail DatesMay. 11 2024Estimated In-Home DateMay. 14 2024Copy DeadlineApr. 26 2024Households Reached520,000
Jun. Schedule2023 Mail DatesJun. 1 2024Estimated In-Home DateJun. 4 2024Copy DeadlineMay. 16 2024Households Reached520,000
Jul. Schedule2023 Mail DatesJul. 6 2024Estimated In-Home DateJul. 9 2024Copy DeadlineJun. 20 2024Households Reached520,000
Aug. Schedule2023 Mail DatesAug. 3 2024Estimated In-Home DateAug. 6 2024Copy DeadlineJul. 19 2024Households Reached520,000
Aug. Schedule2023 Mail DatesAug. 26 2024Estimated In-Home DateAug. 29 2024Copy DeadlineAug. 9 2024Households Reached520,000
Sep. Schedule2023 Mail DatesSep. 23 2024Estimated In-Home DateSep. 26 2024Copy DeadlineSep. 6 2024Households Reached520,000
Oct. Schedule2023 Mail DatesOct. 14 2024Estimated In-Home DateOct. 17 2024Copy DeadlineSep. 27 2024Households Reached520,000
Nov. Schedule2023 Mail DatesNov. 4 2024Estimated In-Home DateNov. 7 2024Copy DeadlineOct. 18 2024Households Reached520,000
Nov. Schedule2023 Mail DatesNov. 30 2024Estimated In-Home DateDec. 3 2024Copy DeadlineNov. 13 2024Households Reached520,000

Small Businesses in the Baltimore Area We Help

Your local Valpak marketing consultants have the experience and knowledge to get you the highest ROI on your ad spend. Hundreds of businesses like yours trust Valpak of Central Maryland for their marketing and are happy with their results. Check out our local coupons page to see the Baltimore businesses that advertise with us.

See What Our Clients Have to Say

Feild Family Dentistry has advertised with Valpak for over 5 years. Dr. Matthew Feild uses unique tracking codes printed on his coupons to determine the offers that drive new patients to his practice. Dr. Feild says partnering with Valpak has given him the flexibility to tweak his strategy and reprioritize his efforts based on the response he sees. He "absolutely" recommends Valpak of Central Maryland and he’s not alone:

"I like that I can target specific neighborhoods relative to my location and how I can measure the results. I found Valpak to be so much better than other marketing that I used. Valpak is recognized and as a result, we are seeing more new guests coming into our store." – Dianna Adams, Owner, Menchie’s

"Valpak provides an incentive for consumers to come and try our restaurant then keeps them coming back. I really like that Valpak is turnkey’s easy! Valpak is great!" – Chris Richards, Owner, Greenmount Station

"I would recommend Valpak to other businesses because of the trust I have in my sales rep and the positive results of the campaigns." – Lauren Tilto, Design Crew Hair Studio

"We can target these very specific ZIP codes and areas that we miss with other traditional advertising. We can key right in on our customers and prove that where we’ve reached out through the Valpak has actually turned into sales and dollars back into the business. I would recommend Valpak to other businesses and I do on a regular basis because it works. " – Sue Hull, Marketing Coordinator, The Great Frederick Fair

Valpak in Baltimore FAQ

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise with Valpak in Baltimore?

Valpak costs as little as 3 to 5 cents per household in Baltimore. How often you mail and to how many households, the industry you’re in, discount pricing (when available), the format of your print piece and whether you add on digital marketing will impact the final cost. Your Baltimore area advertising rep for Valpak will create a custom campaign that’s affordable, targeted and meets the unique marketing needs of your business.

Where Does Valpak Mail in Baltimore and How Often?

Valpak mails more than 500,000 top households in Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Frederick, Laurel, Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Towson and surrounding communities each month (1 million+ total statewide). View the Baltimore area map and schedule.

What Are Some of the Best Advertising Options Available in Baltimore?

Targeted direct mail marketing from Valpak can be the most affordable option for a business to advertise in Baltimore. With a proven track record and a household name, Valpak often outperforms other advertising agencies in the Baltimore area. Digital marketing is also a low-cost advertising option to extend the reach and potential return on investment of any print advertising campaign.

Why is Valpak the Best Way to Advertise with Direct Mail in Baltimore?

Because 9 out of 10 households that receive Valpak in the mail open it. What other advertising can say that? Our Blue Envelope and neighborhood-targeted postcards also reach an audience in Baltimore with more income and higher purchasing power than the average local consumer. For even more targeting capabilities and format options for businesses in the Baltimore area, check out our customizable postcards.

Does Valpak in Baltimore Work?

You bet it does! Your Valpak rep in Baltimore will help you develop a marketing plan around your goals (sales, brand awareness, ROI, etc.). With our ability to track your success, you’ll also know exactly how your Valpak advertising is performing each month. To see how Valpak has worked for businesses across dozens of industries, visit our success stories.