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Direct Mail Services for Detroit, Central and Southeast Michigan

downtown detroit advertisingMichigan’s economic resurgence has created the ideal climate for small businesses to grow. If growth is your goal, Valpak® can help you make the most of your advertising spend by putting your business inside the iconic Blue Envelope of coupons. Reap the benefits of joining forces with a household name and enjoy the cost savings of shared direct mail marketing. Choose an offer insert that fits your needs – from coupons to circulars – the frequency of mailing and the neighborhoods you’d like to reach.

Valpak also enables consumers to connect with your business online through our suite of digital marketing products. As a Google Premier Partner, we are highly skilled in optimizing your business website for search engines.

Advertising Agencies in Detroit are Many

Everyone loves a good story. But not everyone is good at telling them. And though there are numerous advertising agencies in the Detroit area and across Southeast Michigan, you may find that they just aren’t prepared to tell your business’s story the right way or at the right price.

You need an ad agency that enables you to reach your target demographic in the right neighborhoods via the right channels at the right time and for the right price. Businesses that use Valpak direct mail and digital marketing solutions for their Detroit and Lansing advertising can do just that. And if you’re satisfied with your current marketing campaign but feel your brand should be capturing more of the market, a direct mail campaign can help articulate the story marketing companies like Lamar Advertising and other Detroit ad agencies tell Motor City motorists on billboards.

Here’s why Valpak solutions work so well as your primary marketing campaign or even to complement your existing marketing efforts:

  • Reach select households in Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Warren, Flint, Kalamazoo with direct mail
  • Increase online traffic with responsive web design, SEM, social media and other digital marketing
  • Get measurable results in real time, made plain with our performance and call tracking solutions

Detroit Advertising with Billboards

car repair and oil change billboard advertisingIt’s simple – just reserve space on a few billboards in Detroit,  around Wayne County or for advertising in Central Michigan and wait for the calls or foot traffic to trend up, right? Maybe. Advertising doesn’t have to be complicated but it’s almost never that simple.

Billboard advertising is a solid marketing platform for companies looking to market goods or services we all need. But you’d miss opportunities to reinforce the messages on your company’s billboards if you didn’t follow them up with ad campaigns that cover other channels, such as mail, search engines, social media and more.

And if your company has a distinct demographic, you’re paying to put your billboard banner in front of eyes that fall outside of your target audience. The best advertising is balanced, multichannel advertising that’s tailored to fit. The best advertising drives results. So, what other print formats should you use to complement your billboards or even replace them?

Direct mail coupons are lean-design mini billboards – the ideal ads for these types of businesses:

Mailing flyers give you more space to promote products and seasonal offerings and work well for:

Mailing circulars are even larger and used when advertising multiple locations and special events for:

advertising to detroit suburbs

Cooperative Mailing: Share and Share Alike

It’s not just our flexible print formats that make our direct mail advertising services the answer to whatever branding, awareness, prospecting or retention equations your company needs to solve to continue growing. Our direct mail services are flat-out affordable for businesses large, small and everywhere in between. What makes our small business advertising in Lansing and Detroit so cost-effective is our cooperative mailing format.

For most families, the cost of jet fuel, flight crew wages, ground crew pay, plane maintenance, hangar space and other factors make air travel too cost-prohibitive to charter a flight alone. But with dozens of families, friends and other parties booking the same flight, the price of going from one airport to another is cost-effective, rather than prohibitive.

Valpak’s direct mail solutions work a lot like a commercial flight. Sharing cabin space in the spacious interior of The Blue Envelope® of coupons brings down the price of mailing to tens and even hundreds of thousands of households. And while the affordability of shared mail makes it feasible for advertisers in Detroit of all sizes to blanket the entire southeast of Michigan with their ads, Valpak can draw from a trove of neighborhood and postal data to empower your company to only target the households most likely to respond to your ads.

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of our direct mail advertising:

  • Bring down the price for every advertiser involved with co-op direct mail
  • Stand out from other ads with a variety of print formats and custom design
  • Target your demographic and avoid advertising to those unlikely to respond
  • Test different versions of the same ad to see which offer or creative works best

Direct Mail, Directed Where You Want It

direct mail advertising works in detroitYou know your customers well and probably wouldn’t have a problem describing them: the core demographic, the occasional patron, the hard sell and others. Thanks to decades of data, with new insights pouring in all the time, small business advertising in Central Michigan and Southeast Michigan has never been easier. Your local media consultant at Valpak can match your demographic description with neighborhoods in Lansing, Detroit and beyond.

Here are some of the many household characteristics Valpak can use to help you build a profile of your demographic and then send your marketing materials to their homes:

  • College degree
  • Owner-occupied homes
  • Families with/without children
  • Home value
  • Household income
  • Household size
  • Number of vehicles at home
  • Homeowner age
  • Age of home
  • Marital status
  • Languages spoken at home

Beyond pinpointing where your print ads should go to maximize your return on investment, our SMART envelope features can help you refine your brand’s message, so it resonates with recipients.

A/B Offer Testing. Save time and money on finding the offers that entice your demographic. Mail up to four versions of an ad in a single mailing and run with the one most effective in generating responses.

Address Matchback. Find out which households are redeeming your offers using unique codes to track redemptions. Take that feedback and then send offers to the responsive households using selective targeting.

Selective Targeting. We’ll match your customer database with our mailing list to help you deliver special messages to select consumers. Send loyalty offers, dangle retention perks, greet new customers and more.

Newspaper or Classified Ads in Detroit – Are They Right for You?

Not so long ago, newspaper and classified advertising were cost-effective, high-performing solutions for businesses in and around Detroit. But these days, traditional newspapers continue to lose their audiences to online publications and social media sites. Meanwhile, classified sections are becoming obsolete by online and mobile marketplace apps and sites like Craigslist, OfferUp, eBay and Facebook’s Marketplace. Money that would’ve been invested in newspapers and classifieds yesterday, is better used in other forms of print advertising that continue to thrive.

Valpak isn’t just thriving in Lansing, Detroit and Southeast Michigan; we’re leading the list of the best advertising companies in the direct mail market nationwide. Your Valpak of Detroit and Lansing advertising team leans on decades of experience in best practices for print ad design to ensure your organization capitalizes on Valpak’s brand awareness each time you mail with us. And you’re not limited to coupons either. Choose from a variety of formats to put your business’s best foot forward:

Online Marketing in Detroit

 digital marketing in detroitYour business’s voicemail may be listening out for customers after-hours. Your print advertising may be in a consumer’s back pocket or the back of their minds while they’re on the go.

Without a digital marketing campaign, those curious customers sounding off on your business’s voicemail box may change their minds by the time your business opens the next day. Those offers in their back pockets or the back of their minds may stay back there a little too long, unless you round out your campaign with a balanced set of digital advertising solutions.

Your local team at Valpak of Southeastern Michigan offers a full suite of digital marketing solutions to make sure your company is top of mind during and after business hours:

A Measurable, Provable Return on Your Marketing Investment

Watching the fuel gauge isn’t the best way to measure fuel efficiency. The length of a phone call isn’t the best way to measure lead quality. It’s details like the nature of your trip, city and highway miles and other sources of relevant data, like the odometer, that help you measure mileage and fuel efficiency. And it’s not just how long the call lasted that helps you determine the quality of a lead. It’s the length, the call’s origination and even the words said during the conversation that help you accurately measure quality.

Valpak of Southeast Michigan equips you with the Detroit and Lansing advertising tools needed to track your sales calls, gauge the quality of them, make them more efficient and ultimately, measure your return on investment. These metrics and other analytics are made plain in our performance dashboard. We’ll track your campaign’s calls, print distribution, webpage visits and more so you’ll understand every action made in response to your offers, including which offers work and which ones need more work.




From direct mail coupons to solo direct mail, ad space that fits your business at prices that fit your budget.



Robust digital marketing solutions, including website development and SEM, from a Google Premier Partner.

ROI Marketing

ROI Marketing

Performance tracking of your direct mail and digital advertising campaigns to prove return on investment.

valpak testimonial

“I’ve been a Valpak customer since 2004. When I got into the business in 2004, it was highly recommended from another Edible Arrangements owner. So I tried it, and it’s worked for me, and I’ve been a customer ever since… It’s just great exposure and I definitely highly recommend it.”

Nick D’Alleva, Franchise Owner, Edible Arrangements

Mailing Areas

From Grand Rapids to Lansing to Detroit to Flint, Valpak can introduce your business to a targeted audience of high-income, high home-value households. For specific dates and coverage, contact your Valpak of Southeast Michigan representative.

Mailing Schedule

May. Schedule2019 Mail DatesMay. 2 2019Estimated In-Home DateMay. 6 2019Copy DeadlineApr. 16 2019Households Reached950,000
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Video Testimonial: Macfarlane Energy

Over the first 15 months of his company’s ad campaign with Valpak. Anthony Currie, owner of Skyline Chili Partnership of Hillard says his digital ads generated 25,000 or so page views and around 500 coupon prints. The redeemed offers poured in from digital prints, as well as from the print coupons tucked into our famous Blue Envelope. Anthony feels like he’s getting the most out of his restaurant advertising – his money’s worth – after switching to Valpak from another direct mail company. New customers aren’t just bringing in those Skyline Chili coupons. Often, those customers are bringing in new faces too.