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Its downtown reborn, its southern charm never lost – Greenville, SC continues to grow as a hot spot for commerce as new residents flock to it and more businesses emerge to serve them. But the more the region prospers, the harder it may be for small and midsize businesses to connect with potential customers. Well, that’s unless you partner with Valpak of Upstate South Carolina. We deliver affordable direct mail and digital marketing solutions to help your brand’s message go further and reach the people it’s most likely to resonate with.

Affordable Ways to Advertise Your Business

Every month, our Blue Envelope® of coupons opens the doors to as many as 140,000 households in the Greenville area alone. It’s a value both consumers and advertisers can appreciate. They get a bounty of savings brought to their mailbox each month, while advertisers split the costs of reaching those households.

Beyond its affordability, it’s effective. Better than 4 out of every 5 recipients open their Valpak envelope, surveys have shown. Part of that high open rate comes down to relevance. Using postal routes, income data and other factors – we’ve mapped out the region into sets of 10,000 households we term NTAs (Neighborhood Trade Areas). Each advertiser chooses which NTAs will receive their offers, and the frequency at which their offers will be sent out – from once a month to once a year.

Along with distribution, we’ll also assist you with designing your ads. Choose from single-panel coupons, multi-panel coupons, circulars, unique imprinting, envelope cover ads and more.

Online Advertising for Small Businesses

Our Blue Envelope is only one avenue to reaching relevant consumers. Valpak of Upstate South Carolina is also a full-service, digital marketing agency that is Google AdWords-certified.

Some of the many digital advertising services we offer include:

  • Search Engine Optimization – Increase web presence using the best keywords for your business
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising – Funnel traffic to your website via banner ads and more
  • Social Media Marketing – Build a loyal following on popular social networks
  • Responsive Web Design – Get a website and landing page built for all platforms & browsers
  • Local Business Claiming – Get listed in local online directories with accurate information
  • Performance Tracking – Measure the performance of your print and digital campaigns

Valpak Advertising

Partner with a household name in direct and digital marketing, and work with a local staff that understands the area. Valpak of Upstate South Carolina can help you reach up to 140,000 qualified households in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Greer, Simpsonville, Easley, Greenwood and other nearby cities.


Valpak of Upstate South Carolina is an independently owned Valpak franchise

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