Houston Local Advertising & Direct Mail

With a gross domestic product that exceeds dozens of first world countries, the Greater Houston metropolitan area is rich with opportunity for businesses large and small. But as one of the largest metro areas in the US, it’s easy for small and midsize business to get drowned out by all the buzz.

Valpak of Greater Houston can help your brand’s message cut through the noise and connect with hundreds of thousands of well-qualified households in the area. Learn how you can put our direct mail and digital marketing services to work for your business, affordably.

Direct Mail and Coupon Services

With a brand name most Houstonians are already familiar with, our Blue Envelope® is your ticket to taking your brand’s message into the living spaces of the consumers most likely to seek your business’ products or services. And because space inside of our envelopes are shared among multiple advertisers, the price of mailing is made significantly more affordable. But you don’t have to go where the other advertisers go.

We’ve made it easy to target the most relevant households in neighborhoods all around the Greater Houston area by partitioning them into sets of 10,000, which we call NTAs (Neighborhood Trade Areas). You choose which NTAs to target, how often to mail to them and what format your message takes on:

Our shared mailing program works wonders for businesses across just about every sector – including bars and restaurants, travel companies, home improvement companies, general contractors, health and wellness groups, medical facilities and many more.

Local Online Marketing

While it isn’t always the best way to judge a company, many busy consumers now research businesses online before braving often unpredictable traffic to explore a business in person. And with the gridlock so common here in Houston, who can blame them?

Having a website simply isn’t enough. Your business needs one that’s maintained, optimized and clear on your company’s philosophies – all things we here at Valpak can help you with. We’re a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, a distinction earned by our effort to grow small and midsize businesses through online marketing.

We offer a full range of digital marketing services, a few of which include:

When it comes to small business advertising in Houston, success comes down to tracking your ROI. Our advanced Performance Tracking Dashboard tells you who is responding to both your print and digital ads. Get reports on the number of phone calls your ads attract, the amount of traffic flowing to your landing pages, the quality of leads generated by your campaigns and more.

Low Cost Ways To Promote Your Business

The “City with No Limits” offers small and medium-sized companies unprecedented opportunities to shine. Let Valpak of Greater Houston help you target prime addresses in Houston and surrounding cities including Spring, Katy, Conroe, Sugar Land, Humble and Cypress. We can usher you through the doors of up to 720,000 Texas households!


Valpak of Greater Houston is an independently owned Valpak franchise

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