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Enhance Your Direct Mail Marketing

advertising in Newark NJThe growth in northeastern New Jersey makes it a great place to operate a small business, but how do you stand out from the crowd? With Valpak of Garden State East direct mail marketing. The Blue Envelope® enables you to target the neighborhoods that are important to your business. All you have to do is decide on your offer and choose your printed insert format from single-panel coupons, flyers/circulars, postcards and more.

Valpak of Garden State East also provides digital marketing solutions that ensure your business gets seen online, including building a business profile page on

Small Business Marketing in Newark

Valpak of Garden State East reaches consumers in Essex and Union counties. The Newark area is a leading industrial center with a vibrant arts and entertainment backdrop. Some of the biggest industries are health care, retail and construction. As one of the largest metropolitan areas in New Jersey, it’s is an urban area that caters to the arts. It boasts one of the largest premium outlets in the region and is famous for the Ironboard District, a multi-ethic community with shopping and restaurants that brings to life the flavors of Portuguese, Spanish and Brazilian dining. Despite proximity to New York City, the area has parks like The Jersey Gardens for families and visitors seeking to experience the seasonal cherry blossoms.

Small and medium-sized businesses looking for advertising solutions in Newark will find Valpak to be a perfect fit to promote their business to as many as 250,000 busy locals. Statewide, we reach more than 1.95 million top households every month in cities like Cherry Hill, Clifton, Freehold, Morristown, Toms River and Trenton.

Direct Mail Company for the Newark, NJ Area

direct mail marketing in Newark
Direct mail has been our specialty since 1968. Today, 140 office locations serve small businesses across the U.S., with over 430 million Blue Envelopes mailed last year. If you’re searching for a direct mail company in the Newark, NJ area, look no further than Valpak. Our high-quality print products include:

  • Direct mail coupons – Double-sided full color ads that promote your small business and reach decision makers.
  • Flyers – Larger-print format delivered in the Valpak envelope, offering more space for greater product details like menus or vehicle sales.
  • Specialty formats – A thicker piece that stands out among other coupons and offers.
  • Valpak neighborhood-targeted postcards – Affordable postcards that mail to the same high-income households as Valpak’s envelope.
  • Customizable postcards – Personalized solo postcards that can mail anytime to a specific tailored audience of your choosing.


Digital Marketing in Newark, NJ

Newark NJ digital marketingDid you know that Valpak offers multichannel marketing options beyond traditional direct mail? Pairing digital with your direct mail campaigns makes a longer-lasting impact with consumers because you’re reaching them at the mailbox and on their screen. Reliable digital marketing in Newark may be challenging to find, but you can trust our experts. They’ve helped small businesses like yours achieve marketing success for years with digital products that will give your online presence a boost, including:

  • Web development – Transform your existing website or build a new one to keep your customers in the know.
  • Display advertising – Expand your reach and target mobile devices based on different criteria.
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) – Valpak’s SEM strategies will work with you to develop paid ads to reach those searching for your product or service.
  • Social media advertising – Struggling to engage followers on social media? We provide ad programs that come in two forms that get people excited about your brand.

Newark, NJ Small Businesses That We Work With

Valpak of Garden State East’s marketing consultants have worked with local businesses like yours for over 40 years. You can rely on our know-how to help you select the direct mail and digital marketing to fit your sales goals and initiatives. Best of all, our reps live locally and can meet up in person to chat about your marketing needs. Check out our local coupons page to see the Newark businesses that advertise with us.

More than 33,000 businesses trust Valpak for their advertising because it works. Don’t just take our word for it – see what companies across the U.S. have to say:

“We love getting those physical coupons. Having that ability to every month count the number of coupons, see the receipts that are tied to them, and see the customers using the coupons in the store is a great way to have what I call evidence of a marketing plan that’s working.” – Amy Hume, Marketing Director, Pottery World

“In our first year, we got 175 new customers. In our second year, we finished with over 385 customers and in only our third year in business, we are expected to reach a customer count of 600! Amazing results with Valpak. Thanks so much!” – MJ, Owner/Operator, Gutter Plumber

Proof Your Marketing Is Working

Valpak provides the tools that enable you to track your marketing ROI with precision through our performance dashboard and call tracking features. With call tracking, you receive a unique phone number that tracks every contact and response to your printed piece. Performance tracking monitors consumer activity related to your print and digital marketing efforts in  Belleville, Berkeley Heights, Bloomfield, Caldwell, Clark, Cranford, Elizabeth, Essex Fells and other North Jersey cities.

Reach Your Target Audience

Blue Envelope


Our signature product – the best value in marketing – the perfect way to try direct mail advertising.

Postcard Advertising


From targeted postcards to 1-to-1 custom designs, everything you need to create a mailbox moment.

Digital Marketing


Robust digital marketing solutions, including web design, SEM and social media advertising.

valpak testimonial

“In our first year, we got 175 new customers. In our second year, we finished with over 385 customers and in only our third year in business, we are expected to reach a customer count of 600! Amazing results with Valpak. Thanks so much!”

MJ, Owner/Operator, Gutter Plumber

Mailing Areas

For specific dates and coverage, contact your Valpak of Garden State East representative.

Mailing Schedule

Oct. Schedule2023 Mail DatesOct. 6 2023Estimated In-Home DateOct. 10 2023Copy DeadlineSep. 20 2023Households Reached240,000
Nov. Schedule2023 Mail DatesNov. 3 2023Estimated In-Home DateNov. 6 2023Copy DeadlineOct. 18 2023Households Reached240,000
Nov. Schedule2023 Mail DatesNov. 30 2023Estimated In-Home DateDec. 4 2023Copy DeadlineNov. 10 2023Households Reached240,000
Jan. Schedule2023 Mail DatesJan. 5 2024Estimated In-Home DateJan. 8 2024Copy DeadlineDec. 15 2023Households Reached240,000
Feb. Schedule2023 Mail DatesFeb. 2 2024Estimated In-Home DateFeb. 5 2024Copy DeadlineJan. 17 2024Households Reached240,000
Mar. Schedule2023 Mail DatesMar. 1 2024Estimated In-Home DateMar. 4 2024Copy DeadlineFeb. 14 2024Households Reached240,000
Apr. Schedule2023 Mail DatesApr. 5 2024Estimated In-Home DateApr. 8 2024Copy DeadlineMar. 20 2024Households Reached240,000
Apr. Schedule2023 Mail DatesApr. 26 2024Estimated In-Home DateApr. 29 2024Copy DeadlineApr. 10 2024Households Reached240,000
May. Schedule2023 Mail DatesMay. 18 2024Estimated In-Home DateMay. 21 2024Copy DeadlineMay. 2 2024Households Reached240,000
Jun. Schedule2023 Mail DatesJun. 7 2024Estimated In-Home DateJun. 10 2024Copy DeadlineMay. 22 2024Households Reached240,000
Jul. Schedule2023 Mail DatesJul. 5 2024Estimated In-Home DateJul. 8 2024Copy DeadlineJun. 18 2024Households Reached240,000
Aug. Schedule2023 Mail DatesAug. 2 2024Estimated In-Home DateAug. 5 2024Copy DeadlineJul. 17 2024Households Reached240,000
Aug. Schedule2023 Mail DatesAug. 29 2024Estimated In-Home DateSep. 3 2024Copy DeadlineAug. 13 2024Households Reached240,000
Oct. Schedule2023 Mail DatesOct. 4 2024Estimated In-Home DateOct. 7 2024Copy DeadlineSep. 18 2024Households Reached240,000
Nov. Schedule2023 Mail DatesNov. 1 2024Estimated In-Home DateNov. 4 2024Copy DeadlineOct. 16 2024Households Reached240,000
Nov. Schedule2023 Mail DatesNov. 27 2024Estimated In-Home DateDec. 2 2024Copy DeadlineNov. 11 2024Households Reached240,000

Small Business Advertising Success with Valpak

Even before Dave Sabo bought Jay Dee Cleaners decades ago, the business had already relied on Valpak's direct mail solutions to drive new sales and more customer awareness. The dry cleaners tried other small business advertising channels and firms - newspaper, radio, etc. - but found it difficult to beat the bang-for-the-buck delivery of Valpak's famous Blue Envelope. Dave shares why his relationship with Valpak is successful - and if it wasn't, Jay Dee Cleaners wouldn't be a longtime Valpak client. Your small business can see similar results. Get started today by calling Valpak of Garden State East.

Valpak in Newark, NJ FAQ

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise with Valpak in Newark, NJ?

The cost to advertise with Valpak in Newark, NJ starts as low as 3 cents per household. This can vary based on where you mail, how often you mail, the type of business you own, current promotional offers, the print format you choose and any add-on digital marketing. Your Valpak media consultant in the Newark, NJ area will help you identify your target audience and create a custom marketing campaign based on your business needs.

Where Does Valpak Mail in Newark, NJ and How Often?

Up to 250,000 top households in Newark, NJ and surrounding communities receive Valpak each month. You can also advertise to over 1.95 homes throughout New Jersey, in cities like Cherry Hill, Clifton, Freehold, Morristown, Toms River and Trenton. View the map and schedule for the Newark area.

What Are Some of the Best Advertising Options Available in Newark, NJ?

If you’re looking to advertise your business in Newark, NJ on a budget, start with targeted direct mail marketing from Valpak. It’s the affordable way to reach thousands of potential customers that provides a great return on what you spend. Any advertising agency in Newark, NJ, including Valpak, will recommend incorporating digital marketing into your campaign to maximize response too.

Why is Valpak the Best Way to Advertise with Direct Mail in Newark, NJ?

With an open rate of 9 out of 10 among households that receive it, Valpak gets exposure for your business, no question. Even better? Our Blue Envelope and neighborhood-targeted postcards target consumers in Newark, NJ with higher incomes and home values than the local average. To explore additional targeting options and direct mail formats for Newark, NJ area businesses, visit our customizable postcards page.

Does Valpak in Newark, NJ Work?

Yes! Newark, NJ businesses that choose Valpak for advertising get custom marketing campaigns focused on specific marketing goals like sales, brand awareness and ROI. And we can measure the success of each effort, showing you exactly how well your advertising is performing at any given time. See some of our success stories on how Valpak has driven response for all types of businesses.