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Advertising in the Bay Area

advertising in Oakland and the bay areaWith the day-to-day challenges of running a successful business in the Bay Area, marketing is often a knee-jerk reaction to poor performance rather than the year-round strategic focus it should be. To most effectively utilize your advertising budget, you need the right partner. But how do you choose? A quick internet search for “advertising agencies San Francisco Bay Area” or “top marketing agencies San Francisco” will render results for agencies and marketing firms that specialize in large brands with big pockets. What you really need is a local Bay Area and Oakland marketing advocate that understands the competitive landscape of your industry and the needs of your core customers: Valpak of the Bay Area.

Valpak’s Concord-based media consultants provide best-in-class marketing solutions that span the path to purchase – from consideration to evaluation – and respond to shopper demand to help Bay Area business owners realize higher returns on ad spend. We evangelize an omnichannel approach to advertising, combining affordable direct mail with the latest in digital and social marketing to reach consumers throughout the shopper journey. From Oilstop in Rohnert Park to Gorczyca Orthodontics in Antioch, thousands of Bay Area businesses across a wide variety of industries rely on Valpak for its audience targeting capabilities as well as its marketing analytics and ROI tools:

  • Audience targeting by location, demographics, consumer potential indices and purchase power to meet your marketing goals without waste.
  • Performance tracking dashboard captures every consumer action in response to your direct mail ad, including calls, prints, clicks and views.
  • Call tracking to monitor call volume and how your staff responds to phone inquiries. Use the call recordings as a performance management tool.

Choosing the Best Bay Area Advertising Agency

Every day, the average Bay Area, California consumer is exposed to thousands of ads. As a business owner, how do you break through the noise and ad blindness? The best way to advertise in the Bay Area is direct mail and digital marketing.

With this one-two punch method, results are tangible and trackable. Valpak of the Bay Area can help you target your best customers from the 790,000 high-income households in in Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, Berkeley, Concord, Vallejo, Walnut Creek, San Leandro and other communities that receive the local Blue Envelope of coupon ads each month and the thousands more looking for your products and services online. It really is that simple. Take a look at our product offerings and contact your Bay Area/Oakland advertising consultant for a free marketing analysis today:
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Direct Mail Formats in Oakland

  1. Direct mail coupons: Incentivize consumers to do business with you using our best-selling direct mail format. 81% of people who receive Valpak look at every coupon ad in The Blue Envelope®.1
  2. Flyers & circulars: Share more about your business with the extra space of large print formats. Flyers and circulars work for restaurant menus, special events, automotive sales, furniture stores and more.
  3. Cardstock: Stand out with a premium ad in your choice of finish or format. Include a unique code on each piece to prevent misuse and track redemptions to match redeemed offers back to specific addresses.
  4. Valpak PlusOne: Mailed to the same high-income households as the Valpak envelope, these turnkey postcards include creative design, artwork, lists, addressing, processing, print and postage for one low rate.
  5. Solo postcards: The most flexible of our direct mail offerings, solo postcards enable you to mail on your schedule to the households you choose. You can provide a mailing list or we’ll create a custom list for you.

Digital Marketing Services in the Bay Area

  1. Business listing: Capitalize on the brand power of Valpak by listing your business on our website (com). Listings include distribution to our network of partner sites for added exposure.
  2. Web design: Make a great first impression with a custom website optimized for mobile-friendliness to ensure better performance with search engines like Google. Consumers will be able to access and view your site on any device with a responsive design to fit any screen size.
  3. Search engine marketing (SEM): Quickly increase traffic to your website with pay-per-click advertising. SEM services include keyword recommendations and bid management from a Google Premier Partner.
  4. Display advertising: Target consumers who have visited your website or your competitors’ sites with display advertising. These eye-catching ads drive brand awareness and include design and ongoing support.
  5. Search engine optimization (SEO): Improve your search rankings by optimizing your website content with the most relevant keywords for your business SEO can help increase organic traffic to your site.
  6. Social media marketing: Build and engage your fan base on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. We employ a three-step approach for success – branding, content strategy and connections.

Businesses in the Bay Area That We Work With

Whether it’s a beauty shop in Berkeley,  a contractor in Concord or a fitness center in Fremont, our clients are happy they chose to partner with Valpak of the Bay Area. Visit our local coupons page to see the Oakland businesses that partner with us, including the companies you see below:

Stefano's Pizza sun logoCorwood Car Wash in Dublin, CA outdoor sign logoRound Table Pizza logo Bay Area, CABuffalo Wild Wings in the Bay Area, CAOil Changers logo East San Francisco Bay, CA

“Valpak helps customers to come into our store, try our food, after tasting their food, they stick with us. As a business owner, I don’t have that much time to spend on finding digital in one place and then print in a different place, so Valpak made that easier for us to bring everything under the same umbrella and it will save my time.” – Sam Gouhary, Owner, Ny Pizza and Pasta

Get the Most From Your Ad Spend

With 140 office locations, Valpak is widely recognized as the national leader in direct mail. For more than 50 years, our data analysis and market research has enabled us to have unique ROI measurement capabilities. Our performance and call tracking tools take customer response analysis to a new level. You will know how your advertising spend is performing at any given time. Your Valpak of the Bay Area marketing professional will help you decide which products are the best fit for your business and our performance dashboard will give you the peace of mind that trusting Valpak with your marketing was the right choice!


1. 2019 Valpak® Readership Study, December 2019.




From direct mail coupons to solo direct mail, ad space that fits your business at prices that fit your budget.



Robust digital marketing solutions, including website development and SEM, from a Google Premier Partner.

ROI Marketing

ROI Marketing

Performance tracking of your direct mail and digital advertising campaigns to prove return on investment.

valpak testimonial

“Valpak helps customers to come into our store, try our food, after tasting their food, they stick with us. As a business owner, I don’t have that much time to spend on finding digital in one place and then print in a different place, so Valpak made that easier for us to bring everything under the same umbrella and it will save my time.”


Mailing Areas

Valpak’s Bay Area ad agency makes it easy to advertise when and where you choose with a variety of full-service marketing solutions for every advertising budget. Reach your desired audience in Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, Berkeley, Concord, Vallejo, Walnut Creek and other communities for as little as pennies per household with Valpak.

Mailing Schedule

Jul. Schedule2020 Mail DatesJul. 21 2020Estimated In-Home DateJul. 27 2020Copy DeadlineJul. 6 2020Households Reached790,000
Aug. Schedule2020 Mail DatesAug. 18 2020Estimated In-Home DateAug. 24 2020Copy DeadlineAug. 3 2020Households Reached790,000
Sep. Schedule2020 Mail DatesSep. 22 2020Estimated In-Home DateSep. 28 2020Copy DeadlineSep. 7 2020Households Reached790,000
Oct. Schedule2020 Mail DatesOct. 20 2020Estimated In-Home DateOct. 26 2020Copy DeadlineOct. 5 2020Households Reached790,000
Nov. Schedule2020 Mail DatesNov. 17 2020Estimated In-Home DateNov. 23 2020Copy DeadlineNov. 2 2020Households Reached790,000
Dec. Schedule2020 Mail DatesDec. 22 2020Estimated In-Home DateDec. 28 2020Copy DeadlineDec. 7 2020Households Reached790,000
Jan. Schedule2020 Mail DatesJan. 19 2021Estimated In-Home DateJan. 25 2021Copy DeadlineJan. 1 2021Households Reached790,000
Feb. Schedule2020 Mail DatesFeb. 16 2021Estimated In-Home DateFeb. 22 2021Copy DeadlineFeb. 1 2021Households Reached790,000
Mar. Schedule2020 Mail DatesMar. 23 2021Estimated In-Home DateMar. 29 2021Copy DeadlineMar. 8 2021Households Reached790,000
Apr. Schedule2020 Mail DatesApr. 20 2021Estimated In-Home DateApr. 26 2021Copy DeadlineApr. 5 2021Households Reached790,000
May. Schedule2020 Mail DatesMay. 18 2021Estimated In-Home DateMay. 24 2021Copy DeadlineMay. 3 2021Households Reached790,000
Jun. Schedule2020 Mail DatesJun. 22 2021Estimated In-Home DateJun. 28 2021Copy DeadlineJun. 7 2021Households Reached790,000
Jul. Schedule2020 Mail DatesJul. 20 2021Estimated In-Home DateJul. 26 2021Copy DeadlineJul. 5 2021Households Reached790,000
Aug. Schedule2020 Mail DatesAug. 17 2021Estimated In-Home DateAug. 23 2021Copy DeadlineAug. 2 2021Households Reached790,000
Sep. Schedule2020 Mail DatesSep. 21 2021Estimated In-Home DateSep. 27 2021Copy DeadlineSep. 6 2021Households Reached790,000
Oct. Schedule2020 Mail DatesOct. 19 2021Estimated In-Home DateOct. 25 2021Copy DeadlineOct. 4 2021Households Reached790,000
Nov. Schedule2020 Mail DatesNov. 16 2021Estimated In-Home DateNov. 22 2021Copy DeadlineNov. 1 2021Households Reached790,000
Dec. Schedule2020 Mail DatesDec. 21 2021Estimated In-Home DateDec. 27 2021Copy DeadlineDec. 6 2021Households Reached790,000

North Bay Advertising Success Story

Before Rick Lewis, owner of Gold Rush Jewelers, began advertising with Valpak in the early '90s, he tried several competitors, none of which provided a better return on investment. Gold Jewelers has grown to 5 locations in the North Bay (Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Novato and San Rafael) and Rick attributes much of this success to Valpak advertising. He likes that Valpak is easy to work with and flexible to design and offer changes, so he doesn't waste time. Every month, hundreds of new and loyal customers alike visit their local Gold Rush Jewelers to save on jewelry and watch purchases or repairs with Valpak coupons. These results make it a no-brainer for Rick to continue investing his advertising dollars with Valpak. He recommends Valpak's Bay Area advertising as the "first thing someone does" because it's a seamless, affordable marketing solution that works.

Valpak in Oakland FAQ

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise with Valpak in Oakland?

The cost to advertise with Valpak in Oakland starts at pennies per household. This can vary based on where you mail, how often you mail, the type of business you own, current promotional offers, the print format you choose and any add-on digital marketing. Your Valpak media consultant in the Oakland area will help you identify your target audience and create a custom marketing campaign based on your business needs.

Where Does Valpak Mail in Oakland and How Often?

Up to 790,000 top households in Oakland and the Bay Area receive Valpak each month. View the map and schedule for the area.

What Are Some of the Best Advertising Options Available in Oakland?

If you’re looking to advertise your business in Oakland on a budget, start with targeted direct mail marketing from Valpak. It’s the affordable way to reach thousands of potential customers that provides a great return on what you spend. Any advertising agency in Oakland, including Valpak, will recommend incorporating digital marketing into your campaign to maximize response too.

Why is Valpak the Best Way to Advertise with Direct Mail in Oakland?

With an open rate of 92% among households that receive it, Valpak gets exposure for your business, no question. Even better? Our Blue Envelope and PlusOne™ postcards target consumers in Oakland with high incomes and home values. To explore additional targeting options and direct mail formats for Oakland area businesses, visit our customizable postcards page.

Does Valpak in Oakland Work?

Yes! Oakland businesses that choose Valpak for advertising get custom marketing campaigns focused on specific marketing goals like sales, brand awareness and ROI. And we can measure the success of each effort, showing you exactly how well your advertising is performing at any given time. See some of our success stories on how Valpak has driven response for all types of businesses.