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Servicing Central Florida

The weather might seem to stay the same throughout most of the year, though consumers in Central Florida can change with the seasons. That seasonality of potential customers can make it difficult for small and medium-size businesses to effectively target their demographic. That’s unless they have Valpak and our iconic Blue Envelope® behind them, helping them reach residents that are here year-round. Let Valpak of Central Florida reintroduce your business to the neighborhood, and beyond.

Targeted Direct Mail Advertising

We can create full-color direct mail ads that ride on the wings of the Blue Envelope® of coupons as it introduces your company, and others, to consumers in our NTAs (Neighborhood Trade Areas). These NTAs consist of 10,000 residences, united by common mailing routes. You can rotate between NTAs each month, target all of them in a region or mail out your ads a few times a year – and never sign a contract in any of these scenarios.

Let Valpak of Central Florida help you design an attention-grabbing insert and place it in its shared direct mail program. For less than 4 cents per household, your full-color ad can be placed in the Blue Envelope®. It’s a win-win. There’s only a three mailing commitment, you can rotate mailing areas and you can send different ads to each area at no additional cost.

And your ads don’t have to look like everyone else’s. We offer a variety of attention-seizing formats to spread your brand’s message across Central Florida:

Proven Ideas – Cost Effective Strategies

It’s our shared-mail concept that puts our advertising services in reach of every company, no matter their size or industry. Having an envelope brimming with offers from various businesses drives down the costs of direct mail advertising for everyone involved. And it works.

Independent research confirms that 85 percent of people open the envelope and browse every ad – your offers won’t get lost in the clutter of coupon books, magazines and newspapers. We’ve already built inroads with customers in Central Florida, and across North America. Your company just has to hop aboard.

Digital Advertising Strategies

Reinforce your print ads with digital solutions that build out your presence online, opening up or widening avenues for customers to connect with your company. The team at Valpak of Central Florida has earned its Google AdWords certification and can help give you an edge when it comes to pushing your business into view of potential customers in online search results. We can design a small business website connected to valpak.com, optimize it for search engines and enhance it with pay-per-click and social media campaigns.

ROI with Performance Tracking

The proof is in the performance. And you can track each of Valpak’s efforts to build more bridges between consumers and your business via our performance tracking tools. Find out who called, from where, why and what time they did by using our Call Tracking tool. Find out how often consumers visit your website, how frequently they click on ads and more. We account for every dollar of your ad spend. And you can track those dollars as they spread across Central Florida and nudge new business your way.

Start Your Digital & Mail Campaign Today

Valpak of Central Florida can extend your organization’s reach into as many as 100,000 households in cities such as Ocala, Clermont, Lady Lake, Four Corners, Summerfield, Leesburg and The Villages. Click on the “Mailing Areas” and “Schedule” tab to find out exactly where we mail to and at what time we do.


Valpak of Central Florida is an independently owned Valpak franchise

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