Cost Effective Advertising in Providence RI

In a sea of tens of thousands of households around the Ocean State, there might feel like a vast gulf between your business and prospective customers. But with Valpak of Rhode Island behind you, we can ferry your brand’s message to up to 140,000 qualified households and beyond. We offer both direct mail and digital marketing services to stretch your ad dollars further and send your message farther. Talk to Valpak of Rhode Island and let us introduce – or reintroduce – your organization to the neighborhood.

Coupons by Mail – Direct Advertising

Aboard our iconic Blue Envelope® of coupons, your brand’s message can reach as many or as few neighborhoods as you choose. We’ve mapped out groups of 10,000 households in the area known as NTAs (Neighborhood Trade Areas) – each connected by common postal routes and other similar designations, such as income, to make targeted marketing easier for your business. Along with targeting these NTAs, you can choose how frequently to mail your offers: monthly, seasonally or occasionally.

And while you may share envelopes with other companies, we’ll work with you to customize your brand’s offers. And you can choose from a variety of formats to introduce your business to prospective customers: single-panel coupons, multi-panel coupons, cardstock, envelope cover advertising and more. Ask us about our solo direct mail for special promotions dedicated only to your business.

Valpak of Rhode Island works for all types of enterprises such as health and medical, shops and restaurants, automotive, home and office, entertainment and travel, and professional and general services.

Digital Marketing and Performance Tracking

Whether they complete the sale on or offline, most shopping experiences these days start with an online search. And Valpak of Rhode Island increases your company’s online presence so that your organization will be in the minds of both decided and undecided consumers.

Our Google AdWords-certified team can design a responsive website specifically for your business and organically optimize it for search engines. Our expertise helps people find you quickly in organic and paid search results, as well as on social media platforms.

We can also help you track proof of performance with our unique Performance Tracking metrics, so you get insights about:

  • Quantity of Calls
  • Quality of Calls
  • Location of Calls
  • Number of Clicks
  • Number of Prints
  • And Much More

Leverage our tracking tools to measure your ROI with confidence and learn exactly who is responding to your campaign.

Low Cost Ways To Promote Your Rhode Island Business

Grow your business affordably and effectively with Valpak of Rhode Island. Get into the hands of qualified households in Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Woonsocket, Newport, Narragansett and Block Island, among other cities throughout the state.


Valpak of Rhode Island is an independently owned Valpak franchise

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