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Online Marketing & Direct Mail Advertising

advertising in san AntonioIt may be called “The Alamo City” but San Antonians know it takes more than a historic landmark to lure 66 new residents to the city each day. In fact, the capital of Mexican-American culture, which was once a small, secluded city is now the fastest-growing and seventh-largest metropolis in the U.S. As the city has changed, advertising in San Antonio has changed with it.

Along the River Walk, next to the tourist-friendly attractions and trendy cafes, the personality of San Antonio comes alive. However, the business climate goes beyond tourism and history. San Antonio is experiencing a major boom while still holding on to its 300-plus year history and character. San Antonio is proud of the commitment to industries that will continue to propel it forward like health care and bioscience, finance and insurance, and technology and new energy. In the next decade, job growth is expected to reach 39.6% in San Antonio, higher than the national projected average of 33.5%.

San Antonio businesses of all sizes must grab the attention of the growing number of consumers and stay top of mind. Whether it’s a large corporation in the Central Business District or a family-owned cantina on the West Side, the only way to be one step ahead of the competition is with a combination of online marketing and direct mail advertising in San Antonio.

Local Advertising in San Antonio

If you’re looking for advertising in San Antonio, your vetting process must be thorough. Several marketing agencies in San Antonio claim to be full service and can handle every aspect of small business marketing but fall short of their promise.

Valpak of San Antonio can easily compete with – and often surpass – major San Antonio firms, providing solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you’re a neighborhood grocery store or a major player like the San Antonio Stock and Rodeo Show, Valpak customizes each campaign – digital and print – with great precision, keeping your company’s unique needs in mind.

Plus, advertising with Valpak costs as little as pennies per household, which makes it budget-friendly while producing results. The Valpak Blue Envelope reaches 220,000 top households every month in San Antonio, Laredo, New Braunfels, Boerne, Kerrville, Seguin and surrounding communities. In the Lone Star State, we mail to 2+ million consumers monthly (including cities like Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and more).

Online Marketing in San Antonio

Valpak is widely considered the leader in direct mail advertising, mailing more than 430 million Blue Envelopes to close to 39 million targeted households last year. However, our command of digital marketing is just as formidable. Valpak produces continued growth and success for clients on various digital platforms. Today, Valpak hosts 4 million users a year – 59% from mobile platforms. When you partner with Valpak for digital marketing, you can follow every campaign with marketing analytics and performance tracking to prove ROI. Valpak is a true full-service advertising agency providing multichannel solutions other San Antonio marketing firms can’t.

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Web Design

In today’s on-the-go climate, your website must also be mobile-friendly. Valpak’s website design team will ensure consumers find your business whether they’re at home or out and about with responsive web design that scales across all devices. Our design team will create a professional, functional and engaging business website that communicates your company’s message through unique content.

Pay-per-Click in San Antonio

Search engine marketing (SEM), also known as pay-per-pick (PPC) quickly gets your site to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Your ad acts as an online billboard, reaching up to millions of consumers and motivating them to visit your site. Valpak’s highly skilled experts will handle your campaign’s management from setup to optimization.

Mobile Display Ads

Targeted mobile display advertising builds awareness by getting your digital ads in front of the right audience. Our graphic design team can create eye-catching ads – from banners to digital billboards – that target devices based on location, intent and interest and will keep your brand at the top of consumers’ minds.

Social Media Advertising

Like targeted display advertising, social media advertising is an essential building block to brand awareness and customer connection. Through targeted ads, we’ll help you build your brand awareness and keep conversations flowing.

Business Page Listing

With a business profile page on, you’ll extend your reach to our network of sites and directories. Your business will attract local consumers looking for your product or service with engaging content 24/7.

Small Business Marketing in San Antonio

Digital marketing can be a powerful vehicle for branding, advertising and customer engagement. But it must be done right. Merging digital and print advertising gives you the biggest bang for your marketing buck. Although email has a high ROI, its response rate falls flat. Nothing compares to direct mail’s response rate, which beats all digital platforms by a landslide.

For small businesses, using an multichannel approach leaves your competition battling a 1-2 punch that’s not easy to contend with. Valpak’s award-winning Smart Envelope is your secret weapon, with advanced hyper-targeting capabilities that will deliver a TKO.

Our extensive research and data analysis give insight into consumer purchase intent, enabling your ad to reach specific households proven to spend money on your industry. This data shows San Antonians who receive Valpak earn more income than the local average.

Research also shows these consumers look forward to seeing your ad in Valpak every month: 9 out of 10 of households that receive The Blue Envelope® open it and 8 out of 10 look at every insert inside.

Direct Mail Advertising in San Antonio

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With more than 50 years of experience and nearly 140 office locations, Valpak is recognized as the national leader in direct mail marketing.

Your Valpak of San Antonio marketing rep will walk you through every step of the direct mail process from ad design to performance tracking. Our in-house team will design your ad using the most effective offers so your audience can immediately see the value in your company’s ad.

Valpak’s 470,000-square-foot manufacturing facility features the latest advancements in automated systems for printing, packaging and distribution for maximum efficiency and cost-savings that get passed on to you.

Direct Mail Products

  • Coupons – Our signature product for 6 decades that gives consumers an incentive to try your business.
  • Flyers – Larger print format of our coupons, perfect for businesses that need more advertising real estate.
  • Valpak neighborhood-targeted postcards – Limited-inventory PlusOne postcards that mail to the same high-income households as The Blue Envelope and include email marketing.
  • 1-to-1 custom postcards – Enables your marketing efforts to soar to new heights with a completely customizable product where you choose who receives your ad and when.

San Antonio Small Businesses That We Work With

Local businesses that partner with Valpak for digital marketing and direct mail get results. Check out our local coupons page to see the San Antonio businesses that advertise with us.

Valpak of San Antonio marketing experts are here to help your business succeed. We understand how digital marketing and direct mail can take your business to new heights and reach your goals.

Valpak Delivers Results

For full-service digital and print marketing in San Antonio, there’s only one choice: Valpak. We provide companies of all sizes – from small businesses to national chains – with advertising solutions for every budget.

Whether you’re searching for SEM services or postcards, Valpak focuses on getting you the highest ROI for your ad spend. We guide you through the entire process, from ad design to performance tracking.


Source: Claritas data with current year projections (compared to the average U.S. consumer). Valpak® Readership Study.

Reach Your Target Audience

Blue Envelope


Our signature product – the best value in marketing – the perfect way to try direct mail advertising.

Postcard Advertising


From targeted postcards to 1-to-1 custom designs, everything you need to create a mailbox moment.

Digital Marketing


Robust digital marketing solutions, including web design, SEM and social media advertising.

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“[Valpak] does all the tracking for us, whether it’s bar-coding, couponing, whatever we need they track it so when I get ready to do my after-action reports, I have that information to work with. I’ve realized how far of a reach they have, and how much there is yet to grow with Valpak.”


Mailing Areas

Contact your Valpak of San Antonio advertising team today for a free marketing consultation. We’ll walk you through how you can reach as many as 220,000 qualified households in the San Antonio metro area and other nearby Texas cities, including Laredo, New Braunfels, Boerne, Kerrville and Seguin.

Mailing Schedule

Oct. Schedule2023 Mail DatesOct. 12 2023Estimated In-Home DateOct. 16 2023Copy DeadlineSep. 26 2023Households Reached220,000
Nov. Schedule2023 Mail DatesNov. 9 2023Estimated In-Home DateNov. 13 2023Copy DeadlineOct. 24 2023Households Reached220,000
Dec. Schedule2023 Mail DatesDec. 4 2023Estimated In-Home DateDec. 7 2023Copy DeadlineNov. 14 2023Households Reached220,000
Jan. Schedule2023 Mail DatesJan. 11 2024Estimated In-Home DateJan. 16 2024Copy DeadlineDec. 26 2023Households Reached220,000
Feb. Schedule2023 Mail DatesFeb. 8 2024Estimated In-Home DateFeb. 12 2024Copy DeadlineJan. 23 2024Households Reached220,000
Mar. Schedule2023 Mail DatesMar. 7 2024Estimated In-Home DateMar. 11 2024Copy DeadlineFeb. 20 2024Households Reached220,000
Apr. Schedule2023 Mail DatesApr. 11 2024Estimated In-Home DateApr. 15 2024Copy DeadlineMar. 26 2024Households Reached220,000
May. Schedule2023 Mail DatesMay. 9 2024Estimated In-Home DateMay. 13 2024Copy DeadlineApr. 23 2024Households Reached220,000
Jun. Schedule2023 Mail DatesJun. 6 2024Estimated In-Home DateJun. 10 2024Copy DeadlineMay. 21 2024Households Reached220,000
Jul. Schedule2023 Mail DatesJul. 11 2024Estimated In-Home DateJul. 15 2024Copy DeadlineJun. 24 2024Households Reached220,000
Aug. Schedule2023 Mail DatesAug. 8 2024Estimated In-Home DateAug. 12 2024Copy DeadlineJul. 23 2024Households Reached220,000
Sep. Schedule2023 Mail DatesSep. 5 2024Estimated In-Home DateSep. 9 2024Copy DeadlineAug. 19 2024Households Reached220,000
Oct. Schedule2023 Mail DatesOct. 10 2024Estimated In-Home DateOct. 15 2024Copy DeadlineSep. 24 2024Households Reached220,000
Nov. Schedule2023 Mail DatesNov. 7 2024Estimated In-Home DateNov. 12 2024Copy DeadlineOct. 22 2024Households Reached220,000
Dec. Schedule2023 Mail DatesDec. 2 2024Estimated In-Home DateDec. 5 2024Copy DeadlineNov. 12 2024Households Reached220,000


Valpak of San Antonio is an independently owned Valpak franchise.

Valpak Advertising Success Stories

Jitterbug Pest Control has been a Valpak client for over 18 years. Owner Clay Bostick says The Blue Envelope® is “very identifiable” and enables him to get his name out to households who look forward to opening the Valpak envelope every month. Clay believes, “repetitive advertising is always beneficial” and recommends Valpak to other businesses because “it literally pays for itself plus some, and that’s what you’re looking for in advertising.” Clay isn’t the only long-time advertiser who continues to partner with Valpak because it works. Small business owners across the country have seen similar success – and you can too!

“[Valpak] does all the tracking for us, whether it’s bar-coding, couponing, whatever we need they track it so when I get ready to do my after-action reports, I have that information to work with. I’ve realized how far of a reach they have, and how much there is yet to grow with Valpak.” - Susan Otis-Garrett, Direct of Marketing, Fiesta San Antonio Commission

“I’ve been a Valpak customer since the early 2000s. Here at Chicken Kitchen, Valpak has helped continue 30 years of business. I decided to advertise with Valpak to keep some old customers coming in with great values on coupons and to attract new customers.” – Matthew Kascsak, Owner, Chicken Kitchen

Valpak in San Antonio FAQ

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise with Valpak in San Antonio?

The cost to advertise with Valpak in San Antonio starts at as little as 2 cents per household with artwork included. Where you mail, how often you mail, the type of business you own, current promotional offers, the print format you choose and any add-on digital marketing can vary the price. Your Valpak media consultant in the San Antonio area will help you identify your target audience and create a custom marketing campaign based on your business needs.

Where Does Valpak Mail in San Antonio and How Often?

Up to 220,000 top households in San Antonio, New Braunfels, Boerne, Helotes, Alamo Ranch and surrounding communities receive Valpak each month. Across the Lone Star State, you can reach up to 2.45 million households, in cities like Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and more. View the map and schedule for the San Antonio area.

What Are Some of the Best Advertising Options Available in San Antonio?

If you’re looking to advertise your business in San Antonio on a budget, start with targeted direct mail marketing from Valpak. It’s the affordable way to reach thousands of potential customers that provides a great return on what you spend. Any advertising agency in San Antonio, including Valpak, will recommend incorporating digital marketing into your campaign to maximize response too.

Why is Valpak the Best Way to Advertise with Direct Mail in San Antonio?

With an open rate of 9 out of 10 among households that receive it, Valpak gets exposure for your business, no question. Even better? Our Blue Envelope and neighborhood-targeted postcards reach consumers with 32% higher incomes and home values and 25% more purchasing power. To explore additional targeting options and direct mail formats (standalone postcards) for San Antonio area businesses, visit our 1-to-1 custom postcards page.

Does Valpak in San Antonio Work?

Yes! San Antonio businesses that choose Valpak for advertising get custom marketing campaigns focused on specific marketing goals like sales, brand awareness and ROI. And we can measure the success of each effort, showing you exactly how well your advertising is performing at any given time. See some of our success stories on how Valpak has driven response for all types of businesses.