Cost Effective Advertising for Wilmington Businesses

The telegraph, telephone and Internet all made the world feel like a much smaller place. Likewise, Valpak of Coastal Carolina has made North Carolina feel smaller and more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Let us open up your neighborhood. Partner with Valpak for affordable advertising – both online and offline – in Wilmington, the Outer Banks and surrounding coastal cities.

Targeted Direct Mail Advertising

No matter your business sector – restaurant, retail, automotive, home improvement, medical, fitness or any other – we can get you through the doors of up to 70,000 qualified homes – and more. We use postal routes and other demographics, such as income, to group collections of 10,000 households into “Neighborhood Trade Areas,” NTAs, helping you target who you want and when you want – no more waiting for your phone to start ringing, we’ve got it covered.

Valpak’s Blue Envelope® of coupons has been turning small businesses into household names, quite literally, in homes throughout North America for about half a century now. And today, direct mail is still your ticket to reaching tens of thousands of potential customers:

Digital Marketing with SEO & SEM

Valpak of Coastal Carolina also opens up the world wide web with digital advertising services, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help your online presence attract the right kind of attention.

We’ll set you up with a business profile page on and design your business website, if needed. We can also help with your social media management and local business claiming for an improved online presence.

Gauging Your ROI with Performance Tracking

Get results you can gauge with Valpak’s powerful suite of tracking tools. We’ll use our call tracking solutions to help you find where phone leads originated, when they arrived and how far that interest went. You’ll know how well your message resonated with customers, how often they click and what strategies work best to drive more interest with our Performance Tracking Dashboard.


Valpak of Coastal Carolina is an independently owned Valpak franchise

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