4 Halloween Marketing Ideas That Won’t Haunt Your Business

There are plenty of ways that small businesses can capitalize on Halloween to drive revenue, but the key is to put a Halloween marketing strategy in place right now to be ready for the profits.

Now is the time to develop the strategic and creative campaigns to augment your end of All Hallows’ Eve. Promoting Halloween can work to your benefit for three reasons:

  1.  Halloween is becoming more of a universal holiday in which almost everyone participates and celebrates in some way
  2. People are spending more money on Halloween costumes, parties, and decorations than ever before
  3. Halloween and seasonal marketing gives your business the ability to grab people’s attention at the start of the big spending season

In this article, we’ve highlighted some key ways you can ensure you are ahead of the curve and effectively planning your Halloween marketing strategy.

Haunt Them Early

Ever notice when Halloween candy gets cleared off the shelves the Thanksgiving turkeys and pumpkin décor is right there to take its place? That’s because every year marketing starts earlier and earlier for the holiday season. Statistics show that the early bird gets a better yield and repeat customers.

According to 2014 Holiday Shopping Trends from Accenture, 49 percent of customers started or planned to start their holiday shopping in September, and may be finished by Black Friday. If your patrons are that prepared, you should be too! The further in advance you can plan for any holiday, the better off your business will be when they creep up on you.

Promote your products and services consistently throughout the season and up until the day, especially for the larger holidays. Even though you’ve promoted early on, you still want to get those last minute shoppers. Consistency and frequency can help with brand awareness and keeping your business top of mind for a customer to make the connection of why they need your specific product.

Halloween Marketing Tricks

Direct Mail

Depending on how early you start your Halloween marketing, direct mail can be a great way to target customers with promotions and offers straight to their mailbox and keep it going all season long.

Social Media

Utilizing social media channels like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc. are free ways to engage your customers with holiday recipes, DIY costumes, and festive décor. Integrating your marketing across all channels can increase the chance of retaining shoppers through the entire holiday season.

For instance, you might create a mailer that contains a coupon code or a Twitter hashtag that leads a customer to your Facebook page in order to get the special discount. Use all of the channels that make the most sense for your business to your advantage during the holiday season with photos, fun posts related to the upcoming holiday, and a sales pitch every once in awhile.

Customer Treats

Halloween sets the momentum for what happens throughout the rest of the season, so you want to get shoppers’ attention and keep it. Here are some Halloween marketing ideas that can work for all kinds of industries, even if you don’t sell Halloween products or items:

  • Give out Halloween goodie bags with some candy and a coupon. This is a fun way to interact with customers and engage with them around a holiday.
  • Get into the holiday spirit by decorating your store. Hopefully the festive mood will transfer over to your customers, too.
  • Use social media to post fun, themed content like cute animals dressed up in silly costumes, pumpkins with your brand name or logo carved into them or Halloween food and drink recipes.
  • Sponsor a local Halloween party or event.
  • Send a direct mail Halloween postcard with spooktacular offers.

Kick start your overall holiday marketing strategy with an attention-grabbing Halloween campaign and keep it going throughout the season for maximum results.

Create a Spirited Marketing Campaign

To put your Halloween marketing into practice, begin with taking a look at your current marketing efforts. How prepared are you for Halloween? Put a plan in place that involves your social media and any discounts or fun contests you can offer, along with reviewing some ideas within this guide. Some fun tag lines could be:

  • This sale is so good it’s spooky!
  • What should our CEO be for Halloween? Vote here.
  • We’re slashing prices this weekend only.
  • Don’t let this missed deal haunt you.

Get into the Halloween spirit and make it so that your customers want to take part in the action, too! You can have fun with it and still drive new traffic and customers your way.

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