How Much Does Direct Mail Advertising Cost?

Type “direct mail marketing” in your search bar and the top search results will mostly relate to how much direct mail marketing costs. It’s doubtful, however, that you’ll get definitive costs with a simple online search.

Let’s talk about that.

Why It’s Difficult to Provide the Cost of Direct Mail?

Because each campaign is unique. Several variables affect end costs:

Direct Mail Variables

  1. Content
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Printing
  4. Production/Mail Preparation
  5. Type of Direct Mail
    • Standard Postcard
    • Oversized Postcard
    • Perforated Postcard
    • Die-cut Postcard
  6. Standard Envelope
    • One-page Insert
    • Multipage Insert
    • Brochure
  7. Oversized Envelope
  8. Mailing List
    • House
    • Purchased
  9. Mailing Class
    • Priority
    • 1st Class
    • Bulk
    • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
  10. Special Options
    • Address Matchback
    • Demographic Targeting

Although the list may make direct mail seem complicated, with the help of a direct mail professional like Valpak®, it really isn’t. For reasons why the direct mail process is worth it, keep reading.

7 Reasons Why Direct Mail Costs Are Worth The Effort

1. Consumers are suffering from email and online ad overload.

Exposed to about 4,000 online ads and 122 emails per day, consumers have begun to experience email and ad overexposure.

2. People still love checking for and receiving mail.

36% of consumers under the age of 30 look forward to checking their mailboxes. What’s more, 88% of millennials consider direct mail more “official” than other marketing channels. We’re talking millennials here, who, according to Forbes, possess over $200 billion in purchasing power.

3. Printed mail delivers an emotionally positive experience.

Consumers spend more time examining physical ads versus digital ads and experience a stronger positive emotional response and recall for them.

4. Direct mail strengthens branding.

Given that 70% of people who receive direct mail and print advertising open it, and 79% of direct mail is read for a minute or more, it’s an excellent method for strengthening your brand and top-of-mind awareness.

5. Direct mail evokes response and engagement.

Print advertising and direct mail encourage consumers to respond and engage. The response rate for direct mail is 30 times higher than email.

6. Direct mail boosts digital performance.

Direct mail in combination with digital boosts response performance across both channels.

7. Direct mail drives consumer purchase behavior.

According to Print Is Big, each $167 invested in direct mail marketing generates $2,095 in sales.

Other consumer results include:

  • 44% will visit the brand website
  • 57% will make a purchase
  • 34% will search online for more information
  • 79% will take action immediately

Direct Mail Over Email

Do you get more satisfaction from opening your mail fresh from the mailbox, or clicking on one of hundreds of emails in your inbox?

Especially among millennials, direct mail wins hands down over email where consumer preference is concerned. It’s a top producer in both B2C and B2B marketing arenas, snagging a 3.7% response rate.

As mentioned earlier, the positive emotional reaction to direct mail leads consumers to remember physical ads better. These ads have an extended impact for easy recall during purchase decision-making. They stimulate the part of the brain responsible for value and desirability of featured products, which can signal greater intent to buy.

Concerns About The Environment

 Don’t be. Yes, trees are used to produce paper (a totally renewable resource). However:

Find the Best Direct Mail Advertising Costs for Your Budget

All this being said—even though acquiring an accurate cost estimate on your unique direct mail campaign will probably require you to pick up the phone and call a professional (hint: Valpak), it will be worth your time and effort. Taking the time to explore the best options for your campaign will ensure it produces the same great return on investment it has delivered for so many other satisfied businesses.

And won’t you wonder what the cost might be if you don’t try it?

Valpak is celebrating its 50th year as a leader in direct mail marketing. If you need help establishing a campaign for your business, contact your local Valpak representative. Let us introduce you to your neighborhood.

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